Founded in 2013, is a non-profit based in Seattle dedicated to expanding access to computer science education. Their vision is to see computer science added to the standard core curriculum of U.S. schools, with a focus on expanding access for women and underserved students of color.

My Role

As the sole UX member of the team, my role involved all of the initial requirements gathering and subsequent wireframing. During the first half of the project I also took on the role of project management.

The Challenge

Rapidly add new features to the and websites before the Computer Science Education Week, which was to begin in a few months. The new site needed student signup and login forms, sign up and logins for teachers, a place for curriculum resources, fact sheets, donation pages, advocacy tools, and a place for’s tutorials.


Due to the very tight timeline I kept the design process very streamlined. I worked closely with Hadi,’s founder, on ititial sketches and then quickly moved to wireframes.

Wireframes’s priority was to get as many people signed up for the Hour of Code as they could. We combined the call-to-action button with the promotional video and social proof at the top of the homepage to support this goal.

It was also important to make the Hour of Code platform accessible to mobile devices. For many underserved communities, a smartphone is the only internet connected device available in the home. planned to have specific tutorials that would work on small screened devices.

Mobile wireframes


Due to the fantastic work of the team, the Computer Science Education Week event and the Hour of Code were huge successes.

  • 15 Million registered for the Hour of Code in just five days
  • 1.2 Million signed the petition to bring CS curriculum into their schools
  • 50,000 students enrolled in their longer, 20 hour online course

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